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Car kill switch

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For safety reasons, battery cut-off switches are a valuable—and sometimes mandated—resource. Summit Racing carries a large selection so you can find the battery kill switch you want.While down significantly from its historic peak inauto theft is undoubtedly still a problem in the U. We often joke that the best protection against theft is a manual transmission as a growing number of new drivers cannot operate thembut the truth is that accomplished thieves will not be fazed by such a deterrent.

The latest video from YouTuber ChrisFix provides us step-by-step instructions to crank up the difficulty by adding a killswitch. ChrisFix does an excellent job explaining how to locate the fuel pump relay and identify which wires to splice into. The rest of the process involves running some wire, adding a few connectorsand buttoning it all up for an inconspicuous appearance.

What are your thoughts on this anti-theft setup? Have you ever added a secret killswitch to your ride? Let us know in the Hagerty Forums below. Maintenance and Tech. Bug cop car is best cop car Just ask Jay Leno.

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car kill switch

More on this topic. Maintenance and Tech What to do when your project goes sideways Kyle Smith. Maintenance and Tech Need a social distancing project? Fix that wonky steering wheel Brad Phillips.A car kill switch interferes with the car engine's combustion process and is engineered to shut it down in the quickest way possible. Depending on their design, different types of kill switches can stop the car through several different mechanisms.

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One of the most common ways involves the spark plug, and other methods can activate based on a certain number of engine revolutions. While this is a popular method, it carries the risk of the car back-firing if there is a significant amount of gasoline vapors in the engine.

Some car kill switches have been developed with sensors that detect either a certain ratio from the spark plug, a certain RPM of the engine, or both. This has been proven a more effective way of shutting down the engine without the chance of backfiring or other damage. When the kill switch is opened, the electricity is blocked from causing the combustion that runs the engine.

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View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation Login Register How-Tos. How a Car Kill Switch Works. Written by Angela Farrer.

Reviewed by H. Engine Sensors Some car kill switches have been developed with sensors that detect either a certain ratio from the spark plug, a certain RPM of the engine, or both. Vehicle Upgrades.

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Popular Articles. Installing a Remote Kill Switch. By Amber Morgan. Signs of a Failing Spark Plug. By Bart Barandon. How to Install a Kill Switch in a Car. By Garry Steck. How to Install a Motorcycle Kill Switch.One of the most economical and effective method to prevent your car from taking by a thief is probably the kill switch. In general, this device would deter most common amateurs, but might not keep a professional one from stealing your car.

The key factors in setting up the kill switch for your car is the place to install and type. For most people, the models which would manage the power from the gas pump are a lot more effective than a typical battery one.

This is simply it would be well covered and unexpected. As mentioned above, the most possible reason for setting up a kill switch for a car is to keep low-level and amateur thief from taking it. In addition, this device also help to slow down the professional thieves. Another common reason might be to prevent other people without permission such as teenager, employee or relative from driving your car.

Moreover, a much less possible use might be to stop a car that have already been starting in spite of the your intention. In comparison with car tracking system or car alarm, a kill switch does not take the energy from the battery. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about draining when you do not run your car for a short time for example, when you are travelling or on business trip. In general, there are three main disadvantages of a kill switch, which will make it easy for a professional thief to take your car.

By understanding those disadvantages in advance, a car driver would set up a kill switch more carefully, thereby making it more challenging for a professional thief to steal the car.

To set up a kill switch, you would have to connect to the wires of ignition switch. It means that you would have to take a look and find out which wires for connecting the switch.

You would obtain these information by checking the manual guide or calling the customer service of any car dealers.

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To approach the wiring, you have to take the panel off and look for wrapped part around the steering wheel. In general, you should place the kill switch at the interior part of the car so that a thief would least likely to notice and find it.

Cut a piece of electric wire, which is long enough to connect the switch and ignition wires, then join one of them with switch.

Cut wires of ignition switch used to run the car into 2 pieces. Then connect them with the ones that you attached to the kill switch. I am John Henry and I have begun to work in automotive industry since the 90s, specializing in car rebuilding and repair. After nearly two decades of working in this complex section, with extensive experience in repairing, troubleshooting and maintaining thousands of cars, I started to work as an auto blogger to share my practical knowledge as well as skills with car owners all around the world through a wide range of articles in online magazine.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Most professional thieves understand that a car owner would hide his or her kill switch at a convenient area.

After finding out the kill switch, they just need to toggle pushed or flipped on and off to run the engine drive the car away. In addition, most types of kill switch are only connected under the dash.An ignition kill switch should be hidden or key-operated. A key-operated, on-and-off switch makes concealment unnecessary.

Many circuits on late model computerized vehicles can be utilized. Early model vehicles require that the circuit to the coil be opened to kill the ignition. Whichever switch is chosen, it should have a amp rating. Always make a solid connection, when installing a kill switch, to avoid any inadvertent engine cutoffs. Drill a hole for the kill switch in the location you have predetermined. The switch can be mounted virtually anywhere there is a solid mounting, but it should be inconspicuous.

How a Car Kill Switch Works

Run a wire from the negative terminal on the coil through the firewall to the kill switch. Fold the wire to double its size and cut it at the fold with a crimping tool.

You should have two equal lengths of wire extending from the coil through the firewall to the switch. Strip the insulation off the coil end of the wires. Install a blue butt connector onto each of the wire ends and crimp them with the crimping tool. Cut the black negative wire to the coil 4 to 6 inches from the coil with the crimping tool.

car kill switch

Strip the insulation off both these wire ends. Insert the coil end of the black negative wire into the butt connector on one of the wires leading to the switch. Crimp the butt connector and do the same with the second wire, attaching it to the other wire. Strip the insulation off the two wires leading to the kill switch. Install a blue round post connector on both wires and crimp them tightly. Install the two wires in any order onto the back of the kill switch.Classics are popular with thieves because:.

Most US police officers and border patrol agents know and recognize this sticker. If they see this sticker on a car crossing a border or driving in the wee hours of the morning, they can pull the car over and verify vehicle ownership. Enrollment is usually free or very very cheap. A car in a closed and locked garage is hard to steal. For most thieves, stealing a car out of a garage is just too hard to justify.

Thwart Car Thieves With a Hidden Kill Switch

If you leave the doors open, your vehicle is a little easier to take. A car thief may think twice about boosting a car that sports a simple little understated sticker. Stolen electronics are easy to sell on eBay or Craigslist, and some older cars are very easy to break into. The solution?

How to Install an Easy Ignition Kill Switch

If your vehicle looks clean, tidy, and well cared for, thieves are more likely to believe the car has some sort of protection.

A thief could easily mistake a car waiting on some paint and body work for a poorly maintained car no one will miss. Avoid alleyways, questionable-looking parking areas, areas with little or no traffic driving or foot trafficand areas that are poorly lit. Generally speaking, you should try to park in a garage with security, a private garage, or in a well-lit public place with lots of traffic.

Grocery stores are busy just about 24 hours a day at least in larger cities and WalMart parking lots feature security. Of course, if you crank your wheels before you remove the steering wheel, towing your vehicle becomes that much more difficult. Guess what? Even if the potential thief figures out you have a kill switch, it will take time and effort to find and bypass. NOTE : All automotive wiring harnesses sold by Hot Rod Wires feature a built-in hidden theft deterrent similar to a kill switch, but different.

Yet another great reason to buy your wiring harness for us, right?

How to thwart car thieves with a $10 killswitch

Follow us on social media for tips, tricks, sale announcements, and cool project car photos and stories. Search for:. View Cart. Follow Us! Garland, TX. All rights reserved.In vehicle antitheft, a kill switch is a type of engine disabler. Kill switches in cars and trucks typically disable the engine while the engine is already off, thereby preventing it from starting -- and are not usually installed with the ability to stop a running engine.

An activated kill switch interrupts a circuit that the vehicle needs to start.

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Kill switches are commonly installed by cutting a wire for example in the starter or ignition circuit and splicing a kill switch into it. To reenable the engine, you flip a switch or push a button.

Sometimes a kill switch is wired to connect to the windshield wiper's or turn signal, which then must be activated before the vehicle can start. The most common reason to install a kill switch in a vehicle is to prevent amateur and low-level thieves from stealing your car or truck.

A kill switch will also slow down a professional thief discussed more in the next section. Other possible reasons would be to keep unauthorized people senile relatives, employees, teenagers, etc.

car kill switch

A much less common usage would be to kill a vehicle that is already running, which I got a request for in when Toyota vehicles were accused of running full speed ahead despite the driver's intentions. Unlike car alarms and vehicle tracking systems, kill switches do not draw power from your battery, so you don't have to worry about them draining a weak battery if you don't drive your vehicle for all while like if you are on vacation.

Knowing those weaknesses in advance, you can modify your installation to make it more difficult for a thief to take your vehicle.

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Many vehicle owners don't want to cut wires on their vehicles. This is part of our "Kill Switch Guide".

car kill switch

You can also read about what a kill switch is, and and why you should or should not install a kill switch. I'm going to present 3 different options. Order an EZ KillSwitch available for many models and after. Picture instructions included. Step 2. Following the pictures, replace the specified relay under your car's hood with the EZ KillSwitch relay. You are done: installation complete. Without pressing the button on your key fob, a thief will not be able to start or hotwire your vehicle. Not even if he smashes your steering column.

He can search in the cab and under the dashboard of your vehicle all he wants -- there will be nothing there for him to find. Option 2, Easy Outsource pay a professional to cut a circuit or two Step 1. Take the vehicle over, pay the man and wait about 30 minutes.

If you are more comfortable working on your own vehicle, you can go with the do-it-yourself, harder but cheaper way. Option 3, DIY Cut a Circuit or 2 Disclaimer: This is a general guide, please consult an installation professional for your own vehicle.

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