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Best fov for 1920x1080

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What Is The "best" Fov?

Login — Register. Thread Modes. Yuhaney Hello Friends! When it comes to PC games, I just crank every setting to the maximum and start playing. However, there is this one setting called FOV Field of View that I have never really paid too much attention to and usually leave it at default value seems to be with most games or increased it very slightly.

I think this is somewhat controversial topic since there are all kinds of different reports with low FOV setting, varying from no difference to nausea and headache. Now, I do understand what the setting does. This post was last modified:PM by Yuhaney. That depends from game to game. There is no "perfect value". I would let it as it is.

The only reason I would change it is when an old game doesn't support widescreen resolutions properly and shows an incorrect cutted image.

This post was last modified:PM by Googolplex. It depends on the screen size, the width of the screen though to a lesse extent and your distance from the screen.

A normal FOV for PC games is aroundbecause you are usually very close to the screen, while on a console the FOV is usually because the screen is so far away. It's sort of like looking out a window, the closer you are the more you see outside, while you see less and less the farther away you are. Imagine standing 2 feet close to a window but the things you see outside is as if you're 15 feet away.

This is one of the reasons Metro feels weird to play on a PC or why everyone asks for the FOV console command for Skyrim on PC, the default FOV doesn't match your distance from the screen, and thus a lot of people get nausea or head aches.

This post was last modified:PM by eliasfrost. Because as I think it, it would change wider because the extra monitors bring more pixels into the image and you can now see far more than on just one monitor. I don't have such setup to test it since I game on a single Full HD monitor. The FOV itself doesn't change, but you do as you say see more stuff because it's basically the same as having a wide-ass screen.

If you look at nVidia Surround screenshots, you notice that the middle screen is the same as a normal screen because it isthe extra two screens only add more stuff to the side, it doesn't actually change your Field of View.

It depends on what you think looks best. Usually in first person games Take a shooter for example you want it to be high enough so you can see your weapon, your hand and part of your arm. Imo it doesn't look very good when you have a too high FOV-value, but try to find one that doesn't look too "zoomed-in" and one that doesn't look too "zoomed-out" if that makes any sense. View a Printable Version.Discussion in ' Player Support ' started by ThaumasurgeJun 25, Log in or Sign up.

PlanetSide 2 Forums. Using the same calculator, this results in the following Horizontal FOVs based on aspect ratio. Use the calculator in the link above if you want some other desired Horizontal FOV or have some non-standard resolution. Higher FOV means you see more, stay alive longer, and enjoy more of the game! ThaumasurgeJun 25, Here, have my like and bump! DuvenelJun 25, OK, very good. TejotaJun 26, Nice write up and explanation for single screens! I'm going to give this a shot when I get home tonight.

VikingVRJun 26, Bump because this needs attention. Smedley had said in a tweet that he was going to have the PS2 devs work on it, which I was very skeptical about at the time and after nearly a year I seriously doubt they are and he was just saying it to keep us quiet. I have to play in a window so I don't get motion sick after a couple minutes of play, and so I can play effectively.

It worked fine before november last year and then they initiated the locked FOV. Here is a video demonstrating. This is beyond ridiculous. The developers really need to look into this. Its been what? Over a year since a somewhat proper FOV was in the game before it was removed?

Bump and thumbs up. It helped me a lot trying to figure out the best FOV for my 27" p panel. JohnnyBftwApr 21, CzechErfaceApr 21, MittRackRObamaApr 21, In beta you could go higher, but there were problems.

Which were NasherApr 21, MaxenceApr 28, RainbowDash9Apr 28, Useful post. Thank you. You must log in or sign up to reply here.A lot of people I play Enemy Territory with have been contemplating switching to a version of the program called ET Legacy, and their reasoning is generally related to screen resolutions. So, go set your quality levels for textures and everything prior to modifying your shortcut, then you should avoid encountering any of those issues. You can do so by adding them after the trailing quotation mark surrounding your program name, as show in the following screenshot:.

And there you have it! This helped me finally, after about an hour or so of searching for a solution. My issue was that the game was being forced into xWhatever mode and not full screen. I have no idea how you learned about the command line options, but after trying your options I simply replaced your screen size with mine and voila. Hope your post helps others out there, this game rules!

For one, everything is stretched horizontally. A new machine and Windows 8. Thanks Kirk! Are you sure you modified the shortcut correctly? Guessing this is because you have Display Scaling on. Your email address will not be published. Are you an intelligent human being? Right click your Enemy Territory shortcut, and hit Properties. Kirk Schnable on December 18, at PM said:. Chris on December 1, at PM said:. Simon le Bon on July 29, at AM said:. One could edit etconfig.

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Will Foster on September 30, at AM said:. Thank you for posting this, I was looking for a way to force higher native resolution. Kirk Schnable on October 10, at AM said:. Wolfman on September 15, at PM said:. Kirk Schnable on October 31, at PM said:.

Last I checked this fix is still working.

best fov for 1920x1080

Can you post a screenshot of the error? Frank van leuven on November 29, at AM said:. Kirk Schnable on December 13, at PM said:.Forums New posts Search forums. New posts New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Best FOV Settings for you - Apex Legends

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Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter hcforde Start date Sep 23, Joined Oct 29, Messages How does this work?

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When you go to a higher resolution screen does the field of view always change, or just on games designed for a higher resolution? I am interested in how different game handle this not just Halflife2. Joined Aug 10, Messages 2, Last edited: Sep 23, Haste Supreme [H]ardness.

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Joined Sep 27, Messages 7, You will get a slightly wider FOV with if the game implements this properly. PrincessFrosty Supreme [H]ardness. Joined May 6, Messages 5, FOV is almost always tied to aspec ratio of the screen resolution. NotJay 2[H]4U.Jump to content.

Posted 02 June - PM. Posted 03 June - AM. Rhaythe, on 03 June - AM, said:. Night Thastus, on 02 June - PM, said:. Tahribator, on 03 June - AM, said:. What Is The "best" Fov? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Posted 02 June - PM I remember back playing Skyrim that my FOV was recommended to be set slightly different than the default due to my resolution being different than what was standard at the time Skyrim was developed. Skyrim was developed when was big, not What about this game?

On a x monitor, is there a "best" FOV, or is the default just fine? Posted 02 June - PM I like Posted 02 June - PM this 90 and my old manually set 90 are not the same Whatever is most comfortable for you is the best FoV for you to run. That's why the slider exists now. I set it to 70 which lets me glance out the side windows fairly well without my view being obstructed. Posted 02 June - PM If you do a google search you should be able to find something that will give a value for crysis engine and the FOV settings relative to resolution.

I think 16x9 is I have had both 79 and 86 and they seem to work well. Different video cards and monitors can have an affect too based on setting, but the different options are too many for a quick answer. Posted 02 June - PM Depends on the cockpit of my mech. For my Whales, FoV is 69, on x Posted 02 June - PM 74ish seems about right to me. Posted 02 June - PM seems to be the most comfortable. Posted 02 June - PM got mine set to Posted 02 June - PM Mine is at Posted 03 June - AM The one that lets you see out of a highlander, my god Posted 03 June - AM This is like asking what the best ice cream flavor is.

Some people can get by in life staring through a cardboard tube at 60 FOV.View models in CS:GO are exactly what they sound like, a model of your character that you can see. Your view model includes the gun you hold, your hands, and arms. This viewmodel is pretty simple and uses a common setup for most players.

best fov for 1920x1080

It uses a right-handed model with the gun as far right as possible. It is great for keeping your line of sight clear. Like the previous model, Niko has a right handed character model. The model is still focused on the right side of the screen, but is shifted upwards.

best fov for 1920x1080

This model gives NiKo more vision than a centered model. This will let him get more vision above the gun, because it is out of the way.

Field of View settings 1920x1080 (pc)

Like the previous View models, this one is focused towards the right side of the screen. It is still focused on the right side of the screen like everyone else. It is still on the right side of the screen, like most players. This viewmodel is great as it keeps his gun out of his sight lines.

It is also higher up, meaning more arm and gun are visible. This map clears up the right side of the screen a bit more by keeping the gun towards the center. It is also pushed down as to make way for more vision. He pushes it further right as to clear up vision in the middle. He has also opted to keep his model towards the center of the screen. Twistzz uses a model like most other players on this list, focused on the right side of the screen.

Twistzz model is also centered on the Y-axis. His model keeps the screen clear.

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Shox uses a right-handed model shifted to the left. This gives him some more vision on the right side of the screen while still keeping the center area clear. Hopefully after looking through some of the above pros Viewmodels you get an idea of what makes a good viewmodel. If you choose to use one of these or take the ideas presented and make your own custom is entirely up to you.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. How can we recommend one when you give no information at all? I play everything at Originally posted by Raspica Blue :. Originally posted by Pre Malone :. Last edited by pieEEE ; 15 Sep, am. I'm playing on Originally posted by SGT. Killbuzz View Profile View Posts. Guys recommending 90 in siege have no idea what they are talking about. Siege lets you set vertical fov which is different from horizontal fov.

Find "vertical fov calculator" to set proper value. You should have fov set to something in range of degrees horizontal which is between vertical. Physickl View Profile View Posts.

Im playin at 65 cuz i dont like to see small ppl. Last edited by Physickl ; 10 Feb, pm. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 14 Sep, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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best fov for 1920x1080

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